Tax Refund Eligibility Questionnaire

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Please fill out our questionnaire below, to see if you are eligible to make a tax refund claim.

Question 1
Are you in the Armed Forces?
Unfortunately you are not eligible for this particular service. Please use the questionnaire linked below instead.

Construction Reclaims Questionnaire
Question 2
Do you drive your own vehicle from home to base and back?
Unfortunately you need to drive your own vehicle in order to claim with us.
Question 3
Have you been posted to more than 2 barracks in the past 4 years including Phase 2 training?
Great news, we think you have a claim. Please fill out the following information and we will get an application pack sent out to you in the post, first class.

Unfortunately we can only claim for temporary postings, which is anywhere you have been posted for 2 years or under.

However, we can claim for various types of training and courses, so if you would still like to receive one of our application packs, then please send over your details.