Reclaims UK Terms and Conditions

By signing the original application forms you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. Below you will find all of the information about our service, what is expected of Reclaims UK as your agent and also of you the client throughout the process, as well as our ongoing relationship once your Tax Refund is complete.

This page was last updated on 23rd November 2016

1. Timescales

1.1 Any timescale given regarding a Travelling Expenses claim is an estimate and approximate, it is not a contractual agreement. This includes any information we request from HMRC. Please note that this can vary due to the time of year and how busy HMRC are.

1.2 Any delays in the clients payment being released can be due to HMRC’s security checks. We are not liable for any such delays.

2. Payments

2.1 All payments will have our fees deducted automatically. Our fees are 25% plus VAT. All payments will be sent out to the clients nominated address in the form of a cheque.

2.2 Any amount awarded by HMRC will be paid directly Reclaims UK and then released to the client in the form of a cheque. Under no circumstances can this be paid to a nominee.

2.3 No payment will be sent without confirmation of photo ID. We will endeavour to send out any payment within a maximum of seven days upon receipt of photo ID.

2.4 Although all cheques are posted first class, please allow up to seven working days for them to arrive.

2.5 Any cheque that has not arrived due to postal issues will be cancelled with the bank. Upon confirmation of cancellation with the bank we reserve the right to send a replacement cheque within seven working days.

2.6 Claims made by Reclaims UK on behalf of the client will be processed as normal with our fees deducted. At the end of each month our finance department will review each payment and any payment found which has not been processed by Reclaims UK will have those fees refunded in the form of a cheque.

2.7 Any duplicate payment received from HMRC will be subject to our normal fees and, upon review, if found not be a result of our work then the full amount will be refunded to the client (for example a Marriage Allowance payment made to our client account). From that point the duplicate payment will be the sole responsibility of the client.

2.8 Any cheque sent mistakenly to the client by HMRC as a result of our work will be subject to our fees via invoice and must be paid within seven working days.

3. Post

3.1 All post is sent via Royal Mail. Royal Mail advise to allow up to ten working days for post to arrive. Please note this can vary based on the clients post code and time of year.

3.2 We do not send post by special delivery under any circumstances.

4. Correspondence with client

4.1 Upon signing the original forms the client agrees that all of the information given on the forms, during the initial phone call and for any future claims, is accurate and truthful to the best of their knowledge. Any changes not discussed in the original phone call must be given in writing.

4.2 If the information provided by the client proves to be incorrect or untruthful then Reclaims UK will not be liable for any payments owed to HMRC. In such circumstances our fees will still apply as the company will have acted in good faith to submit your claim on the basis that the information provided is accurate.

4.3 It is the responsibility of the client to inform Reclaims UK of all sources of income. This includes, for example, any rental income. Failure to do so may render the clients tax return incorrect. Reclaims UK will not be liable for any incorrect tax returns based on missing information from the client.

4.4 Under special circumstances we may discuss a clients case with a named individual they have nominated. The client must provide written consent to Reclaims UK to discuss their case with a nominee, this could be a parent or spouse. We reserve the right to deny any such request to do so.

4.5 Under no circumstances can we compare a clients case with another. This is in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

4.6 Once the declaration(s) have been sent to the clients nominated email or postal address it is then the clients responsibility to ensure that it is signed by themselves only and that the signature matches that of the initial application form.

4.7 We will only contact the client regarding their claim via the postal address, phone number or email address they have nominated on the original forms. It is the responsibility of the client to inform us of any changes to their details at the earliest opportunity.

5. Terminating your claim

5.1 It is within the clients rights to terminate their Tax Refund up until the point where they have to sign their declaration. This must be done in writing only. The termination will not be valid until we have received notification in writing. We reserve the right to terminate the clients Travel Expenses claim at any stage of the process based on any information we believe to be inconsistent.

5.2 We will not accept the termination of any claim once the declaration has been signed. This is because the funds will be automatically be generated to our Client Account at this point. The only option from here is for us to release the funds to you minus the fees for our services. We can not under any circumstances release the full amount to you or pay it back to HMRC on your behalf as this is not technically possible for us to do so.

6. Aftercare

6.1 Our aftercare service is inclusive in our fees.

6.2 If a clients tax code is subject to change after the completion of a claim we will arrange with HMRC to revert back to the clients original tax code.  Once we have reverted it back, any changes thereafter will be the responsibility of the client.

6.3 If we have not been able to contact the client before the deadline of an open tax year we reserve the right to close the claim down. This will be based on our inability able to contact the client in order to determine whether the client meets the criteria for Self Assessment.

6.4 We are more than happy to handle any correspondence that the client receives as a result of the claim they have completed with Reclaims UK. If the client wishes for us to deal with a letter from HMRC then they must send a readable copy to us via email and we will endeavour to do our best to respond within three working days.

7. Penalties

7.1 From the point that the tax year is open, HMRC give a deadline of three months to complete and file a return with the exception of the last tax year.

7.2 Any penalties accrued due to the client not returning their signed declaration on time will be the responsibility of the client.

7.3 Any penalties existing on the clients account prior to starting a Travel Expenses claim with Reclaims UK is the sole responsibility of the client.

8. Referrals

8.1 A referral fee will only be paid if the name of the person referring is confirmed by the new client and signed for on the client letter of engagement.

8.2 Reclaims UK pay out each referral fee(s) at the end of each calendar month. Referrals will only be paid out if the new clients claim is successful.

8.3 Any increased referral offers are for a limited time only and the expiry date will be clearly written.

9. Fees

9.1 Reclaims UK work on a no refund no fee basis, therefore the client will only be charged on the amount awarded by HMRC.

9.2 Our fees are competitively priced at 25% plus VAT. Under no circumstances do we offer reduced fees.

10. Data

10.1 By signing the original application forms the client is opting in to receive any future information, offers and promotions from Reclaims UK.

10.2 We will never pass any client data to a third party.

10.3 We are registered under the UK’s Money Laundering Regulations (no. 12769812). This legislation requires us to check the clients identity and keep evidence that we have done so. We ask for photographic ID twice during the process and will keep a record by law.

11. Complaints Procedure

11.1 If any client wishes to make a complaint, they may write to the following address;

Reclaims House

5 Tapton Way

Wavertree Business Village


L13 1DA

We will endeavour to contact the client within 21 working days with a response.